Family PvP Tournament

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    Hello folks,

    There will be a Family PvP Tournament at 16 April. (5PM Server Time)

    What are the rules?

    - A maximum of 3 teams from one family can participate. Each team consists of 3 people.
    - Each participant's class must be different.
    - Pets, partners, tattoos can be used.
    - It's forbidden to use partners & pets during fights (you can have it only for passive buffs).
    - The battles will be in the form of best of three.
    - Registration will be closed 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

    P.S : There won't be any bans, just the winner team must change their specialist cards. All the rounds will be best of three. (Winning 2 rounds = win)

    What about rewards?

    - Every single participant will be rewarded with 300 coins, no matter where are they in ranklist.
    - Top 1 family will be rewarded with a [Top1] tag in front of their families.
    - Top 1 family will receive Family Renaming Card.
    - Top 1 family (only members who participated to event) will receive any exist items they wants. (for example any pet, partner, title, skin... we have.)
    - Coins reward for top 3 families.


    - You can write to Decameron (the killing joke#0017) if you got any ideas about Family Tournament.
    - We will try our best to not make you fight to your own families during tournament. (But it still can happen depends on the amounts of teams we have.)
    - If you get mute before tournament, you won't be unmuted.

    How to participate?

    Open a ticket and write your team members & family name. (It's enough if only one person from a team opens ticket for all.)

    NosVoid Ticket Server link : NosVoid Ticket

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