18/03/2023 - Patch Notes & Caligor Activity System

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    Caligor Changes

    - Important Change : Activity System has been added to the Caligor. You have to participate in fight (get 3 kills +/-) OR hit to the caligor, or you won't get a single reward ! (You don't have to do both activities, only one enough.)

    P.S : There's no damage requirement to get the reward. You just have to hit caligor few times.


    - Added an information of NosVoid Wiki whenever you log into the game. (Will appear on game chat.)
    - Special Exp Boost : Increases champion/combat experience received by 150% > 200%.
    - Disabled mounting while being transformed into the Leopard of SP5 Ma.
    - Changed the way you farming Specialist 2. (It's now same as SP3 & 4.)


    - Fixed an issue, where There is a 100% chance that every attack hits (buff of Eagle Wings) wasn't working properly on the mage class.
    - Fixed an visual issue on Power of Unyielding, Power of Resistance, Power of Purity, Blood Drain Carve Runes.
    - Fixed an issue, where you couldn't use Soul Spider skill in arena & Act4.
    - Fixed an issue, where Dash Skills were bugging on the few martial artist SPs.
    - Fixed an issue, where Lotus's skill wasn't working properly. (It works on attack)

    - Fixed an issue, where Shinobi's Skill wasn't working properly.

    Buff Changes

    Battle Monk

    Spirit of Temperance :
    All defences are increased by 20% > 15%


    Agility Power lvl 5:

    Added All defence are increased by 10%

    Agility Power lvl 6:

    Added All defence are increased by 15%

    Freya's Fire Skill

    Maternal Love :
    Changed duration from 180 seconds to 15 seconds.
    Movement speed is increased by 3 > 1

    Mother's Wisdom
    Magic attack power is increased by 200 > 100.
    Removed '' Movement speed is increased by 1. ''

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