Event: Spooky Halloween

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    Get ready: from 28th October until 10th November, NosVille will be decked out in eerie Halloween decorations and the Mad Professor Macavity, Spider and Jack O'Lantern will be causing all sorts of creepy mayhem in NosVoid!

    Event Raids

    Jack O'Lantern and His Minions

    Defeat the evil pumpkin Jack O'Lantern in the raid! He's supported by his Pumpkin Bushi and Pumpin Bomb minions. In reward for victory, you can claim a Jack O'Lantern Raid Box.
    Daily Entry of the raid is 5! However, you can still join raid after 5/5 to help your friends. But remember, you won't get any rewards...

    Mad Professor Macavity

    The mad genius feline is back! Rally seven players around you and start the raid. Two of the eight players will be transformed into Professor Macavity and the Test Subject. Let the hunt begin!
    Full details on the raid:

    • You'll be 8 peoples in this raid.
    • 6 of them will be turned into a random pet. They can't do anything but run.
    • 1 of them will be turned into Dr Frankenstein, he can use a spell to stunt the pets.
    • 1 of them will be turned into Dr Macavity, he can use a spell to kill the pets.

    • The 6 pets must find the exit to win.
    • The 2 "vilains" must kill every pet to win.
    • You can drop Magic Cube from chests in the raid. Those magic cubes will let you to stun Macavity and test subject, invisible yourself...

    Giant Black Spider

    Challenge Giant Black Spider in the raid! If you're successful, you'll earn Giant Black Spider's Raid Box.

    Instant Combat

    Instant Combats (Not Asgobas) will have additional rewards during Halloween Event! Every player in the Instant Combat will receive special Halloween materials directly in their inventory the final round.

    - Drop of Blood x20
    - Vampire Fang x1

    Halloween Exchange

    You can exchange following metarials from Super Pumpkin Bushi, which can be found in first map of Halloween Area.

    • Exchange 10 Pumpkin with 5 Spider Web
    • Exchange 10 Spider Web with 5 Pumpkin
    • Exchange 3 Pumpkin Syrup with 1 Spider King Eye
    • Exchange 3 Spider King Eye with 1 Pumpkin Syrup
    • Exchange 20 Mad Professor Macavity Raid Ticket with 1 Halloween Special Box
    • Exchange 40 Mad Professor Macavity Raid Ticket with 2 Halloween Special Box


    • Participate to 10x Mad Professor Macavity : 2x Halloween Box.
    • Successfully complete the 15x Giant Black Spider Raid : 10x Spider Web & 1x Halloween Box
    • Successfully complete the 5x Jack'O'Lantern : 10x Pumpkin & 1x Halloween Box
    • Successfully complete 10x Mad Professor Macavity, 15x Giant Black Spider, 5x Jack'O'Lantern : 1x Demonic Orb
    • Successfully complete 50x Jack O'Lantern Raid : 20x Halloween Special Box

    Halloween Craft

    You can craft following items :

    Wisden's Blessing :
    - Damage in Raids is increased by 17%.
    - All element energies are increased by 150.
    - When raid is finished, there's a 3% chance that box drop second time.
    - There is a 5% chance of causing Wise Wizard

    Wise Wizard:
    - When attacking, there is a 8% chance of summoning a shadow clone to carry out an additional attack.
    - Damage in Raids is increased by 10%.

    Spooky Dracula Set

    Hat :
    - Increases damage with a probability of 5% by 1%.
    - All attacks are increased by 4%.
    - Increases damage from critical hits by 5%.

    Costume :
    - Reduces damage received in PvP by 8%.
    - Up to level 4 there is a 8% chance of never getting a bad effect.
    - Movement speed is increased by 1.

    Costume Wings :
    - Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 5%.
    - Hit rate of all attacks is increased by 75.
    - All defence powers are increased by 45.

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