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    Hello folks,

    Today we are here to tell you about some important Shop Updates.

    - Stripe System temporarily got replaced with another payment provider, where you can keep buying coins by using Credit/Debit Cards.
    - Fortune Wheel disabled for a while, we will be using Random Boxes system until we add it back. Wheel is enabled again !
    (Random Boxes will be updated weekly just same as Fortune Wheel.)

    How does Random Boxes works?

    It's literally works same as Fortune Wheel, just different visually. You can buy random boxes for each item (for example Black Ink Rabbit Random Box, Asgobas Random Box...) for each 150 coins. (Side rewards are also same as wheel.)

    List of available Random Boxes : (Random Boxes section)
    Remember, rotation will be changed every Friday.

    - monile-caligor Asgobas Random Box
    - monile-caligor Alzanor Random Box
    - monile-caligor Valehir Random Box
    - monile-caligor Black Ink Rabbit Random Box
    - monile-caligor Plague Doctor/Nurse Random Box
    - monile-caligor Alitus XV Partner Random Box

    If you don't get the main prize in the box, you will get one of the following items :

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