23/02/2024 - Battle Pass

  • BPA

    Benefit from the NosVoid Battle Pass Now !

    Enjoy many benefits and secure additional rewards with our new Battle Pass ! The current Battle Pass season runs from 23 February to 23 March.

    What is Battle Pass?

    With Battle Pass, you complete daily, weekly and seasonal challenges that earn you Battle Points. You can collect rewards for the points you earn. And everyone can benefit: Battle Pass activities and rewards are free for all players!

    Free Rewards :

    • Zephyr Wings
    • Fibi
    • Weapon Skin Box 'Chocolate Dream Box'
    • Specialist Change Item
    • Potions
    • Inventory Expansion (30 days)
    • and many more...

    How About the Premium Expansion?

    If you decide to purchase the Premium Battle Pass, you can look forward to more and higher-value rewards. This feature is perfect for you if you want to get the most from the Battle Pass activities! Having Premium Battle Pass doesn't mean losing free Battle Pass rewards ! You can get rewards from both free and premium pass, enjoy the rewards. :winking_face:

    The Premium Battle Pass of the current season costs 900 NosVoid Coins. You can buy Premium Battle Pass from our Item Shop! (Click here to go Item Shop)

    Premium Rewards :

    • Love in the Air Title
    • Valentine's Wings Swapper
    • Specialist Change Item
    • Koala
    • Potions
    • Rewards with more amounts compared to free Battle Pass
    • and many more...

    Premium Battle Pass Coin :

    You can now buy Premium Battle Pass Coins from our Item Shop for 120 coins. Buy Premium Battle Pass Coins
    Premium Battle Pass Coin will increase your Battle Pass points by 50 more!

    Important informations :

    - You can't pick premium rewards when you don't have Premium Bass. But you can get both free and premium rewards when you have access to the Premium Pass.
    - Rewards from Battle Pass will be sent to the inventory, be sure that you have free slot for your rewards.
    - You have to click on Claim after you are done with your task to receive your Battle Pass point.
    - You can follow your Battle Pass points from the bar we have for BP.
    - You have to claim points from quests as soon as you finish the quests, otherwise you won't be able to claim points when quests expire. (Ex. daily tasks.)
    - Premium Battle Pass is assigned to the account, not the character. (If you change character, you will have same amount of rewards to get, quest, same progress...)

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