NosVoid - Prestige 9 Release

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    Hello folks !

    We are glad to announce Prestige 9 Release. Many of us were waiting for that update, we put too much effort into that update and we hope you will love our new adventure!

      sikario sikario PRESTIGE 9 WILL BE OUT AT 5 FEBRUARY   sikario sikario  

    Giveaway :

    And same as with all trailers, we are having another giveaway.

    1. 1500 Void Coins and 1x choice of Specialist 10.
    2. 1000 Void Coins and 1x choice of Specialist 10.
    3. 500 Void Coins and 1x choice of Specialist 10.

    How you can join the giveaway?

    - Subscribe to the NosVoid Youtube channel.
    - Press on ''like'' button on the video.
    - Leave your nick on the comments.

    Trailer of Prestige 9 : enter  

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