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    Hello dear NosVoid players - we recruiting new Game Supporters!

    What languages are we looking for?

    We are searching for Polish, French, Spanish and Turkish Supporters.

    Please don't make an application if you don't speak one of those languages fluently.

    What are the requirements for an application?

    • You should know and speak English fluently, cause most of your work won't be in your native language but in English, since we are an international server.
    • Your penaltylog of last 2 months should be "clean".
    • You shouldn't be toxic or involved into any drama, cause your main work will be helping players and that's not possible if you are into big "fights".
    • Being Game Supporter means you'll be part of our team, so you should be able to work in a team. We don't want any unnecessary drama in our team, since most of us doing that in our free time, so we want to have a chill atmosphere.

    What should my application contain?

    You can start with a self-introduction which should include your name, ingame name, age, gender, where you are from, which languages you are speaking and whatever else you want to tell us about you. After that you should tell us why you want to be a part of our staff.

    I would recommend you to take your time writing your application. It's not about writing a lot, but that we can see who you are and what are your intentions behind your application.

    Also, don't forget to write your full discord name, cause we will inform the choosen people via discord.

    Where can I send my application?

    You need to send your application on

    We will consider all application which follows our requirements.

    A decision will be made in the next 3-5 days.

    See you soon on NosVoid. VT1

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