Family Section Rules

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    Hello friends

    • Please note that all our forum rules apply in this section.
    • Do not open titles other than the purpose of the section.
    • Give a title appropriate to your topic.
    • If you are going to open a topic to ask questions to the managers, send a ticket system or a private message (Pm).
    • You should write a message in the framework of mutual respect.
    • Do not enter into bilateral discussions on the issues that have been opened.
    • Write messages that fit the purpose of the topic.
    • No one other than the user who opened the thread should request a lock.
    • The time to update (bump) the titles in this section is max. It is 40 days.
    • Locked topics in this section will be removed by the section moderators after 60 days .

    Additional Rule:

    In the next period, family promotions, invitations and advertising actions connected to other servers are prohibited throughout this topic and forum. In case of non-compliance, action will be taken against your information.

    Each family can open a topic. If a family has more than one topic, new topics will be deleted from the forum.

    The topics opened by our users who do not comply with these rules may be locked by our section moderators or penalized according to our user forum rules. Please read the rules carefully..

    We Wish You Happy Sharing. salute

    Your NosVoid Team. VT1

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