07/04/2023 - Patch Notes

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    - Added Accessory Raid : Mask and Jewel Box in Prestige 3 Accessory Raid, so you will get accessories and masks from box. (To not spam your inventory while opening raid boxes.)

    - Replaced '' Movement speed is increased '' with Your specialist's elemental skill points are increased by 4. on the Sandstorm Slayer Title.
    - Added a message as information of family cool-down after logging in the game.

    - Buffed HP of mini Bosses from Prestige 8.2 WB.
    - Added 120 min/max damage to the C70 Gun.
    - Added Corrupt Shadow Tattoo Pattern into Tattoo Craft NPC.


    - Fixed an issue, where you could get kicked from Rainbow Battle if you get killed from Seer Ult.
    - Fixed an issue, where Vessel Hunter had wrong buff in visual.
    - Fixed an issue, where Hawk Eye wasn't updated in visual.
    - Fixed an issue, where Frenzy wasn't updated in visual.

    Badge Changes

    - Chance to heal 6% > 4% of your Max HP: 10%. (It was 10% in visual instead of the 6, we fixed visual and changed it to 4%.)

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