09/05/2023 - Patch Notes

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    - Added new button (under AddOldTeamButton) to buy buffs. (Same buffs as buff NPCs, just quick access via button.)

    - Changed duration of buffs from buff NPC/Button to 15 minutes. (Price also decreased to 12,5kk.)
    - You can now join limited raids even when you already join 5 times. But remember, you won't get rewards after 5 times.
    - You can now buy 9999x items from shops. (Price can't be higher than 2b)
    - Caligor will now stay open until he has been defeated.
    - Added zoom in Prestige 8.2 World Boss Map.
    - Buffed HP of Prestige 4 World Boss by a bit.
    - Added Rainbow Battle Stats in character info.


    - Fixed an issue, where NosMate summoning were bugged and it could summon wrong pet/partner.
    - Fixed an issue, where Lightning Shield were inflicting on attack instead of the defence.
    - Fixed an issue, where buttons would appear during changing channel or logging in.
    - Fixed an issue, where Daily Rainbow Battle Quest were showing as AoT in visual.
    - Fixed an issue, where Fernon Would jump out of bounds sometimes.
    - Fixed an issue, where you couldn't trade Silver & Golden Carrots.
    P.S : Some of mentioned fixes were available before maintenance.

    Waterfall Berserker Changes

    Rune Power of Water
    - Restores 20% > 10% of HP lost

    Energy of Pure Water
    - Duration increased to 5 minutes.

    Title Changes

    Monster Hunter Title
    - Increased Damage in PvE By 30% > 25%

    - Reduces the enemy's elemental resistances by 20 > 10.

    King/Queen of Raids Title
    - Reduces the enemy's elemental resistances by 10 > 12.

    Monthly Caligor Rewards

    - [REMOVED] Aegir, Freya & Barni Specialist Partner Cards.
    [ADDED] Baby Panda

    Removed following materials from inventories :

    - Caligor's Necklace
    - Conqueror's Flag
    - Butcher's Soul-Spirit
    - Broken Caligor's Horn

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