01/11/2023 - Patch Notes

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    • Removed ''Damage in Raids'' text from the chat, kept it above our characters and the top 3 damage window.
    • Changed requirements of Arena of Talent Game to the Prestige 5, 99+70.
    • All skill cooldowns getting resetted after finishing a raid.
    • Added Change Skin 9 for AoT Skins. You can find it in Mithril & Cobalt Medal Craft.


    • Fixed an issue, where your tattoos would be bugged if you try to use Change Tattoo to have same skill on more than one slot.
    • Fixed an issue, where if you fight in arena while being in queue, it wouldn't teleport you to the AoT Game.
    • Fixed an issue, where you could abuse Mage SP8 teleport skill to teleport yourself into AoT Game.

    Beginner Rainbow Battle Exchange

    Added new NPC with beginner items to boost your movement speed in Rainbow Battle. You can craft following items with movement speed buff in Rainbow Battle :

    • Shiny Rainbow Gauntlets
    • Shiny Rainbow Boots
    • Magic Hat of Light
    • Egg Fairy

    Buff Changes

    Wisden's Blessing :
    - There is a 5 > 7% chance of causing Wise Wizard.

    Wise Wizard :
    - When attacking, there is 8 > 40% chance of summoning a shadow clone to carry out an additional attack.

    First Strike (+7) :
    - There's a 30 > 35% chance to ignore 40 > 25% of the target's defence.
    - Increases damage from critical hits by 16 > 15%.

    First Strike (+8) :
    - There's a 40 chance to ignore 40 > 30% of the target's defence.
    - Increases damage from critical hits by 16 > 15%.

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