[Card Game] Trick or Treat ?

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    Card Game is now available on NosVoid!

    Card Game is available from 2 November to 9 November.

    You can find Card Game Event in Game. Click on Shop.

    How to play?

    At the starting, you have 16 cards that are turned upside down. If you can find out the 2 same cards, you will receive items shows on those cards immediately.

    There are no free cards. Flipping the other cards costs 100 Coins each time. It costs 1600 Coins to flip all of the cards.

    Thus, flip the free cards first, remember their contents and start flipping other cards.

    Reset the deck costs 50 Coins. It will reset all the cards, but reset is free if you have opened all the cards.


    • [Main Reward] Death Wings Swapper
    • [Main Reward] White Pink Swapper
    • [Main Reward] Dark Wings Swapper
    • [Mid Reward] Onyx Wings
    • [Mid Reward] Costume Fusion Remover
    • [Mid Reward] Specialist Change
    • [Mid Reward] Rarify (15x)
    • [Mid Reward] Upgrade (15x)
    • [Low Reward] Angel's Feathers (999x)
    • [Low Reward] Full of Moon (999x)
    • [Low Reward] Change Skin 5
    • [Low Reward] Change Skin 6
    • [Low Reward] Giant Lump of Gold (150x)
    • [Low Reward] PvP Potion
    • [Low Reward] Gold Potion

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