10/11/2023 - Shop & Fortune Wheel Rotations

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    Fortune Wheel Changes (Click here to see buffs)

    - Special Amulet
    - Oracle
    - Monocle
    - Docile Mini Snowball

    How to use Fortune Wheel?

    Click on the Shop in the game.


    You can buy Random Boxes from our Item Shop ! (Random Boxes section) https://nosvoid.com/shop/

    - monile-caligor Mini Alzanor Random Box

    - monile-caligor Mini Asgobas Random Box

    - monile-caligor Mini Valehir Random Box

    - monile-caligor Dragon of Void Title Random Box

    - monile-caligor Rat Hat Random Box

    If you don't get the main prize in the box, you will get one of the following items :

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