21/05/2023 - Patch Notes

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    - Concentration in wands now grants a chance to deal double damage to all monsters. (Please give us feedback about that update)
    - You will now need to be Prestige , 99+70 to join Rainbow Battle.
    - Reduced amount of mini bosses in Prestige 8.2 World Boss by 1.
    - Removed Vessel materials from inventory. (From previous event)
    - Added Partner Bead into Alchemist.

    - Fixed an issue, where Change Gun Curse, Dagger Curse, Crossbow Curse were showing as negative effect.
    - Implemented a fix to avoid disconnections after completing raids too fast. (We will have to test)
    - Fixed an issue, where Specialist Potion buff wasn't working properly.
    - Fixed an issue, where Reflection Power wasn't working properly.
    - Fixed an issue, where it had wrong materials to craft Head Gear.
    - Fixed an issue, where Black Hand Daily Quest had visual issue.
    - Fixed an issue, where God of Magician had wrong type of buff in visual.

    Specialist Changes

    Waterfall Berserker

    Waterfall Frenzy
    Movement speed is increased by 2 > 1.
    Meele Attacks are increased by 15% > 12%.
    Removed healing.

    Blue Mage

    Frozen Shield (skill)
    Changed Cool Time to 15 seconds.

    Frozen Shield (buff)
    Changed duration to 4 seconds.

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