Event: Evolution

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    Event will last 2 weeks! (From 27th Feb to 11st March)

    Evolution Raid

    You will face with 4 mini bosses to defeat, lure and kill them together! Raid Boss will appear after mini bosses got defeated. But remember, raid has fixed damage, bring your pet and partner with you.

    Mysterious Egg

    You can craft the Mysterious Egg from Event NPC. Double-click on the item in your miniland. The egg must have 100% HP to hatch. It will then hatch automatically. You can also use 5262 Growth Fruit on Mysterious Egg to hatch more quickly. Each Growth Fruit will add 3600 HP to the Mysterious Egg.

    Evolve your pets

    Use Evolution Fruit after pet is hatched from the Mysterious Egg. You have 10% chance to successfully evolve your pet. You can only use fruit in the Miniland. You cannot use it on pets that are already following you. Your pet will get it's next version if you evolve it successfully. (You can evolve it twice with Evolution Fruit). You need to buy 50083.png?ex=65ef4fdb&is=65dcdadb&hm=cc0d03ca207ba167085ab67ddc93fea6365d107dc1e7182578f3d5738a198dd2& Shadow Evolution Fruit from Void Mall for 500 coins to get shadow (and last) versions of the pets.

    List of pets that you can get from Mysterious Egg :

    - Namaju

    - Hamster

    - Imp

    - Wolf

    - Seraphim

    - Norris

    - Inferno

    - Fleece

    - Dragon Bee

    - Master Bunny

    Craft NPC

    You can craft following items in the Event :

    - Mysterious Egg
    - Raid Ring
    - Act 4 Bracelet
    - Betting Necklace
    - Sorcerer Title
    - Solaris
    - Azuris
    - Wedding Costume Specialist Card
    - Palina Specialist Partner Card

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