Chinese New Year: NosVoid Needs Help

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    NosVoid Team wishes you happy Lunar New Year!!

    24th January till 1st February 2023, mysterious New Year Rabbits are causing trouble in NosVoid’s Chinese New Year festivities. They started to summon in our world, find and delete them from our world, and earn yourself a New Year’s Gift Box.

    How it works:
    - Travel around the world of NosVoid and defeat monsters. (There's x% chance to summon Black Int Rabbit after killing any monster.) With a bit of luck, Black Int Rabbit will appear (Except instances)
    - With a bit of luck (5% chance to drop), you will drop Rabbit Egg's from the Black Int Rabbit.
    - You can meet Black Ink Rabbit on NosVille ($home) and you can exchange 3x Rabbit Eggs for The New Year’s Gift Box.

    The New Year’s Gift Box may contain the following:
    New Year Tiger (5% Gold, 5% Rep, 5% Double Box, 1 movement speed)

    Cute Bunny (no buff)
    New Year Lucky Pig Bead (30% Hero XP increase)
    Golden New Year's Carrot (Event) [You'll receive 100kk after selling to the NPC]
    Easter Bunny Costume Set (No buff)
    Easter Bunny Party Chest (Check NosVoid Wiki for buff)
    Mad March Hare Partner Card (Check NosVoid Wiki for buff)
    Lucy Lopear Partner Card (Check NosVoid Wiki for buff)
    Auto Bet
    Fresh Carrot Juice (Event)

    A Mysterious Bunny
    If you’d rather not face the mysterious Black Ink Rabbit in battle, then tame him as your pet from the Fortune Wheel during the event! He’ll support you in combat with various powerful effects and buffs.

    Black Ink Rabbit (Available in wheel til end of the event)

    Black Ink Rabbit's Blessing
    - All attacks are increased by 15%.
    - Movement Speed is increased by 1.

    Shadow Painting Skill [50 seconds CD]

    Has a 100% probability of causing [Shadow Energy]

    Shadow Energy [10 seconds duration]
    - When attacking, there is a 15% chance of summoning a shadow clone to carry out an additional attack.
    - All attacks are increased by 5%.

    How to obtain : Fortune Wheel (Click Here)

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