NosVoid's 2nd Anniversary and Information about Ranking Wipe

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    Hello folks !

    That's will be a bit early announcement but i couldn't wait to publish it. pepee

    NosVoid's turning 2! I'm glad to share that announcement, 1 more year passed and we are still together. We going forward, improving ourselves and trying our best to give you all best experience. Thanks to everyone for trusting us in that project, many new things will be with you in 2023. Sit back and enjoy

    BUT the real reason of sharing that announcement early is resetting some rankings. Yes, we going to reset Reputation and Act4 (kill+death) Rankings at 11.04.2023. (Rep medals as well) (IMPORTANT : Reputation Ranking will be wiped once per year.)
    We will give following rewards to current top from Reputation Ranking :

    Top 1 - 3 ;
    * 6 Months Arena Wings.
    * Legend Forever Title.

    Top 4 - 43 ;

    * Legend Forever Title.

    To celebrate our second year, we are going to make Event Weeks which one will start at

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