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    Welcome to NosVoid : Academy Server. Server will be released at 30 June, Friday.

    What is NosVoid Academy Server?

    NosVoid Academy is event server of the NosVoid. You will have fresh start with reworked prestiges and boosted early game! Point of Academy is playing every season to get special rewards and experience, faster gameplay for new players.

    NosVoid Academy will last two months and will be merged with actual NosVoid at the end! (Everything you made will be transfered to main server)

    Logins will be through our launcher. You will be able to choose between servers.

    What we will have on Academy?

    - Always activated 150% Exp Boost.

    - Always activated 100% Family XP Boost.
    - 100% XP boost for Fish and Cooking Specialist Cards.
    - 50% Chance to get Double Raid Box, more chance to upgradeTattoos/Rune, more chance while betting events.
    - Double Rewards from Asgobas, Caligor and World Bosses.
    - Opening Act4 Raids will be easier than before.
    - Reworked Prestiges
    - Reduced amount of useless Raids.

    - Removed useless drops from some Raid Boxes.

    - Starter Pack with useful items.
    - Easier early game
    - Private Instances
    - Act 4, Rainbow Battle and Raid Rankings will last two months. And winners will receive new exclusive items which is obtainable only from academy server.
    - PvE and PvP Tournaments at the end of Academy with real money prize.
    - Battle Pass with the start of server.
    - Sealed Vessel Event with the start of server.

    Invite your friends, be ready for new adventure. smart

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