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    Hey folks,

    We're planning a fishing event on March 18. (Saturday, 5PM Server Time.)

    How's it working and what are the rules?

    - We’ll choose a fishing map and a legendary fish of which you need to fish the biggest one
    - Event will last one hour – that’s the time every player has to catch the largest fish and send a screenshot on the corresponding discord channel (will be created day of event)
    - Maximum time difference between catching a fish and uploading the screenshot is 60 seconds
    - You can only send one screenshot (so if you catch the given fish, you need to decide if you wanna gamble for bigger one or not)
    - Your screenshot needs to show date, time, catched fish with size and ingame name
    - You can only participate with one account

    And what will be the rewards?

    - 1.500 Coins & Master Bunny (Shadow Version) for 1st place

    - 1.000 Coins & Master Bunny (Not shadow version, you have to use Shadow Evo) for 2nd place

    - 500 Coins & Master Bunny (Not shadow version, you have to use Shadow Evo) for 3rd place

    We will announce the channel, the fish map and the legendary fish 10 minutes before the event will start. You don’t need to register – just be on map at event start. (NosVille)


    - Choir of Angels : Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 15% > 5%.
    - Lightning Wings : When you're defending, there is a 7% > 5% chance of inflicting Electric Shock on your opponent.

    - Fixed an issue, where Raptor' Blessing would give different effect than Raptor's Speed.
    - Fixed an issue, where you could get disconnect after dying in the arena.
    - Fixed an issue, where joining Rainbow Battle wasn't possible for some players. (Remember there's still posibility of not getting a team.)
    - Fixed an issue, where During attack in raid there is a chance to do addinitional x% of your damage : x% buff would also work in PvP. (It wont work in PvP anymore.)
    - Fixed an issue, where God of Angel raid quest wasn't counting.

    Specialist Changes


    Critical Hit :
    - Increased buff duration from 50 seconds to 300 seconds.


    Berserker buff :
    - Increased buff duration from 60 seconds to 300 seconds.

    Battle Monk

    Divided Sea :
    - Removed '' There's a 10% chance of Energy Deficiency ''
    - Added '' There's a 30% chance of causing Trauma ''

    Targeted Stab :
    - There's a 30% > 75% chance of causing Severe Trauma.

    Mighty Hurricane :
    - Removed '' There's a 40% chance of causing Strong Energy Deficiency ''
    - Added '' There's a 50% chance of causing Electric Shock ''
    - Meele attack is increased by 440 > 650
    - Water element is increased by 330 > 750

    Cyclone :
    - There's a 35% > 75% chance of causing Strong Energy Deficiency.

    Strong Energy Deficiency :
    - Duration changed from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

    Dragon Spear :
    - Removed '' There is a 60% chance of causing Energy Deficiency ''
    - Meele attack is increased by 600 > 950

    Spiral Spear :
    - There is a 30% > 40% chance of causing Critical Trauma.

    Spirit of Enlightenment :
    - Increased PvP attack Power by X(Player Level/10)% to by X(Player Level/7)%
    - Reduces damage received in PvP by X(Player level/10)% to by X(Player Level/7)%

    Spirit of Temperance :
    - All defence powers are increased by X(Player Level*1) to (Player Level *2)
    - Removed '' All elemental resistance is increased by 5 ''
    - Damage from critical hits is reduced by 10% > 15%
    - All defences are increased by 10% > 20%

    Spiritual Strenght :
    - Removed '' Meele attack is increased by 75 ''
    - Added '' Critical damage is increased by 15% ''
    - Increases PvP Attack Power by 10% > 15%

    Dragon Harpoon :
    - Removed '' There's a 50% chance of causing Dragon Spear ''
    - There's a 20% > 50% chance of causing Internal Injury 3rd Degree.



    - Now cooldowns in the arena will be resetted when a player dies.
    - Made some changes to improve high-damages on the server.


    - Fixed an issue, where you would be in enemy's faction until you get out of Act4 after exiting the Caligor from wrong side.
    - Fixed an issue, where you could abuse potions with going into Miniland of another player in the Act4. (You can't go in Miniland of your friend from now on.)
    - Fixed an issue, where partner skills' could get resetted whenever you use unstuck. (Like in Act4 for yuna bug :D)
    - Fixed an issue, where Rainbow Battle Matchmaking were broken and you could get unfair amount of teams. (Example 4v3...)
    - Fixed an issue, where Family Tower Quest wasn't working properly on the Weekly BP Task.

    Specialist Changes

    Death Reaper

    Slasher :
    - Cool Time from 6 seconds to 15 seconds.
    - There's a 15% > 75% chance of causing
    Wound in a sensitive Spot

    Wound in a Sensitive Spot :
    - Duration from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

    Death Approaches :
    - There's a 40% > 100% chance of causing Death Approaches

    Infinite Armour :
    - All defences are increased by 10% > 15%
    - Added Hit rate of all attacks are increased by 250.

    Reaper's Scythe :
    - Cool Time from 23 seconds to 20 seconds.
    - There's a 30% > 50% chance of causing Mark of Death

    Strong Spiritual Release :
    - Reduces cooldown of skills by 50% > 75%.

    Spirit Splitter :
    - Meele Attack is increased by 600 > 950
    - Removed Break Defensive Weapon debuff.
    - Added Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 30%.


    Ignition :
    - Removed ''Shadow element is increased by X(Player Level/9)''
    - Removed ''Ranged attack is increased by X (Player Level*2)''
    - Added Hit rate of all attacks are increased by 250.

    Reignition :
    - Removed Dark Dash.

    Double Ripper :
    - Added '' There's a 100% chance of causing Dark Dash ''

    Dark Dash :
    - Movement speed is increased by 7 > 5
    - Duration from 3 to 4 seconds

    Short Blackout :
    - Duration from 2 to 3 seconds.


    Triple Slash :
    - Added '' There's a 30% chance of causing Triple Slash 2''

    Whirldwind :
    - Meele attack is increased by 250 > 650.
    - There is a 20% > 35% chance of causing Blackout > Knockdown.

    Provoke :
    - Added '' There is a 90% chance of causing
    Electric Shock. ''

    Finishing Blow 1 :
    - Added '' Chance of inflicting a critical hit is increased by 15% ''

    Shoulder Charge :
    - There is a 80% chance of causing Blackout > Knockdown

    Morale Increase :
    - To all of its effect, made it from 99 to 200. (hitrate, defence, attack, dodge)

    Intimidate :
    - Cooldown from 120 seconds to 30 seconds.
    - If you taunt an opponent that has a Knockdown, there is a 100% chance that
    Enormously Shaky Status will occur.
    - If you taunt an opponent in a normal status, there is a 100% chance that
    Shaky Status will occur.


    Hello folks!

    We will have a maintenance at 11th of March.
    ETA between 1 - 2 hours.

    When exactly?
    Saturday, March 11st at 00:15 Server Time.

    Maintenance Reason
    - Bug Fixes
    - Balance Patch
    - Specialist Changes


    - Removed Your specialist's overall skill points are increased by 4. from Queen of Ice & King of Freeze Titles.
    - Added description for Raid Tickets since many people had no idea about where to use them.
    - You can now sell your Prestige 9 Accessories for 150.000.000 (150kk) to the any NPC's.
    - Removed Jinn Specialist Partner Card from Talent Arena Random Box 2.
    - Special Shell weapon now will have S-PvP bonus x2.
    - Added God of Void Buff changer to the NosVoid Mall. (Click here to go Item Shop.)

    - Fixed an issue, where close all button wasn't working properly on NosBazaar. [IMPORTANT : Delete your NosVoid.exe and then re-update the VoidLauncher.exe if it's still doesn't work]

    Caligor Monthly Reward Changes

    [REMOVED] Baby Panda
    Jinn Partner Card

    # Jinn Partner Card Buffs
    - All attacks are increased by 15%.
    - Reduces the enemy's elemental resistances by 15.
    - Movement speed is increased by 1.
    - There is a 7% chance of causing Powerful Wish

    Powerful Wish :
    - The equipped fairy's element increases by 20.
    - Provides a 60% chance of firing a magical arrow while attacking your enemy.
    - Damage in Raids is increased by 20%.

    Act4 Kills (Monthly) Quest has been reseted. Following materials are removed from inventories :

    - Butcher's Soul-Spirit
    - Broken Caligor's Horn
    - Conqueror's Flag
    - Caligor's Necklace

    Specialist Changes

    Ranger :

    Screw Bolt
    - There is a 40% > 30% chance of causing Freeze.

    - There is a 60% > 50% chance of causing Freeze.

    Dark Gunner :

    Curse Blitz
    - CD from 34 seconds to 25 seconds

    Ghost Guard
    - Movement speed is increased by 2 > 3

    Dark Force
    - All attacks are increased by 200 replaced to All attacks are increased by 15%.

    - CD from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.

    Ghost Recharge
    - CD from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.

    Evil Potion
    CD from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.

    - CD from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.

    Ghost Invasion
    - CD from 120 seconds to 65 seconds.
    - Ranged attack increased from 1500 to 1200.
    - There is a 60% > 90% chance of causing Plage.


    Hello folks!

    We will have a maintenance at 8th of March.
    ETA between 1 - 2 hours.

    When exactly?
    Wednesday, March 8th at 11pm server time.

    Maintenance reason
    - Bug Fixes.
    - Overall Changes.
    - Specialist Changes.
    - God of Void Buff changer item.
    - New Monthly Caligor reward.



    - Removed Rocketeer Costume Set, Valehir's Pet, Alzanor's Pet and Asgobas' Pet from Asgobas Lottery Box.
    - Added Christmas Partner Card Random Box and Rocketeer Costume Set Random Box in Asgobas Lottery Box.
    - Replaced '' MP is reduced by 2000 '' with '' No defence possible '' on Wand Curse.
    - Replaced '' Damage is increased in Asgobas Instant Combat '' with '' The Equipped fairy's element increases by x.'' on Prestige 9 Heavenly Weapon Skins.


    - Fixed an issue where Daily Battle Pass Task had '' Wedding Costume Raid '' instead of Glacerus. (You will get 30 points from that task as compensation, since we also had issue with Tower Task back then.)

    Prestige 9 Accessory Buff Changes
    Temporary changes, we are working to improve Raid DMG, you may expect another changes in next days.

    Dragon Crystal Bracelet :

    - All attacks are increased by 15%.
    - Meele def is increased by 80
    - HP are increased by 5000.

    Heavenly Ring :

    - All defences are increased by 15%.
    - Ranged defence is increased by 80.
    MP are increased by 5000.

    Dragon Necklace :
    - All defence are increased by 10%.

    - All attacks are increased by 10%.
    Magic def is increased by 80.

    C70 Secondary Changes

    Draconian Crossbow :
    There is a 5% chance of receiving Crossbow Curse.

    Crossbow Curse :
    Ranged attacks are increased by 15%.

    Draconian Dagger :
    There is a 5% chance of receiving Dagger Curse.

    Dagger Curse :
    Meele attacks are increased by 15%.

    Draconian Spell Gun :
    There is a 5% chance of receiving Gun Curse.

    Gun Curse :
    Ranged attacks are increased by 15%.


    Cooking and fishing event

    Fishing Event:

    - Increases the XP on Angler SP while fishing by 50%.

    Cooking Event:

    - Cooking experience gain is increased by 50%.

    Event Period:

    48 hours.



    We are looking for new Content Creators ! Do you enjoy doing contents on Twitch & YouTube ? You can also get rewards while doing that.

    We have 6 special rankings, monthly payments and giveaway coupons for our Content Creators. :smiling_face:

    What are you waiting for ? Click here to check our rules, rewards and everything related to our Content Creator System.



    - You can now get Raid Tickets (3x) after completing Prestige 9 Raids.
    - Lord Draco mechanics has been removed. (Ex. jumping skill...)
    - Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Moonlight Dragon and Sky Dragon Energies are added in Useful Stuff NPC. (Bitoren Tundra)

    You can exchange...
    - Lord Morcos' Essence (3x) and Fafnir' Teeth (1x) for
    2x Fire Dragon Energy.
    - Lady Calvinas' Essence (3x) and Fafnir' Teeth (1x) for 2x Ice Dragon Energy.
    - Baron Berios' Essence (3x) and Fafnir' Teeth (1x) for 2x Sky Dragon Energy.
    - Lord Hatus Essence (3x) and Fafnir' Teeth (1x) for 2x Moonlight Dragon Energy.


    - Fixed an issue, where you could have 0 HP in Rainbow Battle.


    Double XP

    Whether you're busy smashing monsters or hammering through quests, you'll learn double the experience doing both. You'll also benefit from double champion and job experience.


    Enabled for 48 hours.


    Hello folks!

    We will have a maintenance at 1st of March.

    ETA between 1 - 2 hours.

    When exactly?

    Wednesday, March 1st at 10am server time.

    Maintenance reason

    - Reset of Act4, Raid & RBB rankings

    - Overall fixes & change

    Hello dear NosVoid players - we recruiting new Game Supporters!

    What languages are we looking for?

    We are searching for Polish, French, Spanish and Turkish Supporters.

    Please don't make an application if you don't speak one of those languages fluently.

    What are the requirements for an application?

    • You should know and speak English fluently, cause most of your work won't be in your native language but in English, since we are an international server.
    • Your penaltylog of last 2 months should be "clean".
    • You shouldn't be toxic or involved into any drama, cause your main work will be helping players and that's not possible if you are into big "fights".
    • Being Game Supporter means you'll be part of our team, so you should be able to work in a team. We don't want any unnecessary drama in our team, since most of us doing that in our free time, so we want to have a chill atmosphere.

    What should my application contain?

    You can start with a self-introduction which should include your name, ingame name, age, gender, where you are from, which languages you are speaking and whatever else you want to tell us about you. After that you should tell us why you want to be a part of our staff.

    I would recommend you to take your time writing your application. It's not about writing a lot, but that we can see who you are and what are your intentions behind your application.

    Also, don't forget to write your full discord name, cause we will inform the choosen people via discord.

    Where can I send my application?

    You need to send your application on

    We will consider all application which follows our requirements.

    A decision will be made in the next 3-5 days.

    See you soon on NosVoid. VT1

    Hello folks!

    Thanks for everyone who participated to the PvE Tournament.

    Here is the result of tournament:

    Top 1 - Vaër / Timer: 10:53

    Top 2 - Marceli / Timer: 10:57

    Top 3 - Chachi / Timer: 11:00

    Top 4 - Sikario / Timer 11:20

    Please open a ticket to receive your rewards.

    We will also send some coins to rest of the people who participated.


    - 1.1. Successful registration for your NosVoid account equals to accepting the rules and regulations as stated below.

    - 1.2. NosVoid server is an international server stated for large communities. Our official language is English.

    - 1.3. The NosVoid staff is not responsible for how players behave outside of community [example: discord private messages / phone calls].


    - 2.1. Be kind to other players and treat them respectfully. Insulting, threatening, body shaming, homophobic, racist, drug-related, radical or vulgar behavior is strictly forbidden.

    - 2.2. You may not scam. Scamming includes any attempts to deceive users for your own advantage.

    - 2.3. You may not spam. Spamming includes repeating to send same or similar massage over and over again.

    - 2.4. Discussing hacks, cheats, bots, bug abuse or any other harmful topics is not allowed.

    - 2.5. Leaking real life things like surname, address or similar without the players consent is forbidden.

    - 2.6. Lending any items to other players is at your own risk. Your items won't be recovered.

    - 2.7. Concerning staff's player character, for now on it will be considered like staff only. Having a staff trashtalking or being harassed but another player is forbidden.


    - 3.1. All In Game behavior rules are also valid in discord and will be punished.

    - 3.2. If you get banned you have the right to appeal for unban after 7 days.

    - 3.3. Trading Channel Rules. If you use trading channels wrong you will be punished and your message will get deleted.

    《💰》general-market: Everything tradeable like SPs, PSPs, materials, items, etc.

    《💰》shell-market: Everything that includes shell selling or buying.

    《💰》archer-eq: Only Archer related equipment like bow, dagger, armour and SPs.

    《💰》swordsman-eq: Only Swordsman related equipment like sword, xbow, armour and SPs.

    《💰》mage-eq: Only Mage related equipment like staff, gun, armour and SPs.

    《💰》martial-eq : Only Martial Artist related equipment like fist, token, armour and SPs.

    - 3.4. It is not allowed to use 📸pictures for any toxicity. Breaking that rule can lead to punishment.

    - 3.5. If a staff member warn you about your behavior and you still continue, you will be muted.

    - 3.6. Trashtalking in any language chats is not allowed and will be punished.


    - 4.1. Players are allowed to login 3 accounts at the same time.

    - 4.2. Sharing your account is authorized (not sell, just share). NosVoid staff takes the right to freeze, block access or delete your account if you taking advantage of shared accounts.

    - 4.3. If you sharing your account and someone steals it (also includes items and equipment) NosVoid Staff will not be taking responsibility of that. Meaning there won't be any kind of refund! Think twice before lending your account.

    - 4.4. It's strictly forbidden to sell, trade or give your account to third parties for your advantage. NosVoid staff has the right to freeze, block or reset your account.

    - 4.5. It's not authorized to use advantage of multi account on Act4 like killing your own accounts or your friends accounts to farm reputation or daily/monthly quest.

    - 4.6. You are responsible of your account security. We encourage you to never use same data you used anywhere outside of NosVoid.

    - 4.7. If you are 2 or more peoples playing together on the same IP, you need to open a ticket to register to our multi-account authorized list. If not, we might punish you if we see you using more than 2x accounts in raids.

    - 4.7.1. Once in the list, you need to keep us updated about any changes (new names, new alt accounts), otherwise you might get punish.

    - 4.8. If you are registered in our multi-account authorized list, it doesn't mean you can trade every reward to the same "main" account. The multi account list is for 2 people really playing the game. We will check thoroughly every registrations and we will ask for proofs.


    - 5.1. Hacking is strictly forbidden and hackers will be permanently banned.

    - 5.1.1. Players cannot have locked group invite when they are farming/fishing. Also players need to reply to staff when they are farming/fishing otherwise they will be treated like a bot.

    - 5.2. Abusing bugs or glitches is not allowed. Any bugs have to be reported immediately. Hiding any bugs will lead to strict punishments.

    - 5.3. Any client-modification is strictly forbidden, including package sending tools.

    - 5.4. You may not use any mechanic that involves afk farming.

    - 5.5. You may not use any mechanic that involves automation your in-game progress.

    - 5.6. The usage and abuse of any bug, macro, cheat, exploits of in-game mechanics and 3rd party programs to gain unfair advantage will be strictly punished.

    - 5.7. The abuse of pet farming is forbidden and will be punished.

    - 5.8. During A4 you may not use task manager to log out on purpose while being hit just to avoid the fight/dead.


    - 6.1. You are not allowed to do following contents with more than 2 accounts same time: Fishing, Asgobas Instant Combat, Cooking, Raids, Caligor, World Boss, Tower Game and Family Tower.

    - 6.1.2. It's not allowed to do any other content with another account in that time - like 2 fishing and 1 raiding is forbidden.

    - 6.2. You are not allowed to be with more than 1 account in AoT, RBB, Color PvP and Bomb Runner.

    - 6.2.1. It's not allowed to do any other content with other accounts in that time.

    - 6.3. It's not allowed to farm with more than 2 accounts (Gold, Angel Feather, Full Moon, etc.)

    - 6.3.1. It's not allowed to do any other content with another account in that time - like 2 farming and 1 raiding is forbidden.

    Betting, trading and chatting is not considered as content.It also includes using more than one IP to take advantage or try to bypass this rule.

    - 6.4. You are allowed to do TimeSpace, Instant Combat and Leveling (prestige) with 3 accounts.

    - 6.5. You can only attack Caligor with 1 account at the same time.

    - 6.5.1. You're not allowed to use skills to move Caligor.

    - 6.6. You are not allowed to be afk in RBB and AoT. If you join those events you need to be active and participate in it. That also includes sitting in RBB. Otherwise you will be punished.

    - 6.7. You can be in arena with 2 accounts but you'll get punished if you hit players with more than 1 character. So it only includes being on stairs. Also using a character for debuff is forbidden. If you play 1 account you should only use this one.

    - 6.8. You have to respond to staff when they're sending a message, that also includes raiding. If you don't answer during a raid and still joining it, you will be considered as a bot.


    - 7.1. Account selling and buying is strictly forbidden. That includes real money, ingame gold and NosVoid coins. Same goes for trading items/gold for other private/official server items/gold. It will be considered as real world trading.

    - 7.2. Buying/Selling/Trading items/gold/accounts for other game currencies/other game accounts is also considered as real world trading.

    - 7.3. Every proof will be judged extremely cautiously by NosVoid staff. Proofs include discord chats, WhatsApp messages, videos, Facebook, in-game messages, etc.

    - 7.4. Faking real world trading proofs will lead to a strict punishment. - 7.5. Trying to buy/sell items/accounts/gold is considered as real world trading.

    - 7.5. Trying to buy/sell items/accounts/gold is considered as real world trading.

    - 7.6. Helping, acting as Middleman or advertising RWT for someone else will end up in a permanent ban of all your accounts.


    - 8.1. If you discover a break of rules contact NosVoid staff and proof the case with screenshots.

    - 8.1.1. It's not allowed to edit the screenshot, neither it can be older than 2 days.

    - 8.2. Insults, threats, homophobic, racism, hard sexism, body shaming, sharing irl informations, etc.

    - 8.2.1. Remember that there are differences between what someone find offensive. Insults are not always insults.

    - 8.2.2. Only NosVoid staff will identify what is considered as insult and what is not. Every case will be checked by itself.

    - 8.2.3. Punishments will be increased if you break rules more often and can also lead to a ban to permanent ban.

    - 8.2.4. In the case of a player using an alt account to break rules, NosVoid staff will punish the main account accordingly to rules.

    - 8.2.5. We consider every ingame function. Speakers, normal chat, whispers, hero chat, notes, etc.

    - 8.3. Botting, 3rd party programs, macros, afk mob killing, using fun SPs summoning skills to farm mobs [may vary depending on the situation]

    First time: 2 weeks ban

    Second time: perma ban without unban request [IP unban possible]

    If you get banned for fish botting all your fishes and materials will be deleted from your inventory.

    - 8.4. Stealing Mobs

    - 8.5. You automatically get 2 hours of mute when you leave the Rainbow Battle.

    - 8.6. Multi Account (more than 3 accounts connected at the same time) - Punishment increases depending on the number of accounts.

    - 8.7. Breaking rules of max. allowed accounts for events and in-game content [check 6.1.] Punishment increases depending on the number of account.

    - 8.8. Attacking players/caligor with more than 1 account in arena/caligor.

    - 8.9. Killing alt accounts or friend accounts in a4 to take advantage

    - 8.10. Abusing $unstuck command or task manager in a4.

    - 8.11. Trashtalking or being toxic against someone on the Staff (on game, on ticket, on discord).