Event: Candies

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    Get ready: From 21st November until 11st December NosVille will be decked out in eerie Halloween decorations and the Candy & Lady's Ghost will be causing all sorts of creepy mayhem in NosVoid!

    Event Raids

    Lady's Ghost

    Defeat the evil Lady's Ghost in the raid! He's supported by few monsters and annoying debufs... Be careful. Event Raid is in % damage.


    Challenge cute cake candies in the raid! They are supported by Super Pumpkin Bushtail with annoying debuffs.

    And here's list of Cake Mount Box :

    The Halloween World Boss

    Halloween World Boss will appear twice! You can find him at Wednesday (22th) and Saturday (25th), at 9 PM Server Time. Few portals will appear in NosVille ($home) so all of you can enter easily...

    But important to mention :

    • Only 2 players from World Boss Map will receive : Super Prize Box.
    • Only 3 players from World Boss Map will receive : Halloween Wings Box.
    • Only 5 players from World Boss Map will receive : Special Mount Box.
    • Only 90 players from World Boss Map will receive : SP Wings Box (2x)
    • Rest of the unlucky players will only receive 1x SP Wings Box.


    • Weekly Quest :
      - Complete 50 Candy Raids
      - Complete 50 Ghost Lady Raids
      - Super Magic Powder x1
      - Cake Mount Box x3
    • Daily Quest :
      - Complete 10 Candy Raids
      - Complete 10 Ghost Lady Raids
      Rewards :
      - Hammer of Pain x1
      - Cake Mount Box x1

    Halloween Craft

    You can craft following items :

    • New Specialist Partner Card: Laurena's Specialist Partner Card.Laurena
    • New Pet: Underworld Devil. Buff :
    • New PvE Accessories: Noble Cat Set
    • New aesthetic title: Lollipop
    • New wings: Death Fire Wings (It's a normal wings with buff, not swapper.)69049a723ed70d4d3b0695bc5d754f16
    • Wings Swappers: Ocean and Death Wings Swappers

    eeb5d5fd4f27634d3e76e421248e27154c79801c 2efcb499ef55528a780acd2b60040332.png

    • Mount: Cake Mount Box

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